Australian Artist Tania Melick

Hi! It’s lovely to meet you!

I’m guessing you’re reading a little bit about me because you’ve seen my art and would like to know a little more? Well, thank you – I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m a self-taught artist who loves all kinds of art, yet discovered painting less than a decade ago. I’m a bit of a contradiction as I love loose, juicy texture in art, yet I also love stunning and realistic details. I love vibrant and energetic colours, yet minimalistic shadows also have my heart.

This is tricky as an artist, and I was always told to niche down and pick one thing and stick to that. But that’s not me. So, I will continue to be led by my heart and create whatever comes from within. If I had to choose just a few things that always make my heart race, they would be: my family, travel, the tropics, a beautiful flower, palm trees, the blues of the ocean, vintage patterns, stunning dresses, photographs that make you stop just to catch your breath, beautiful cinematography, music – with or without words.

Personally, I am a homebody – I could happily never leave the house unless it is to holiday, my two beagles are my workmates (I wish I had their life!), I’ve been saying I’ll get healthy for the past 10 years, I overuse exclamation marks, I laugh out loud and embarrass my four kids, my husband is my soul mate and best friend, I watch reels for far too long, books and tv shows aimed at teens are my top choice, I love the rain and thunderstorms, and I dream of living in a small town one day where I can walk everywhere.

Is that enough about me… I think so! I hope you enjoy my art and it’s ever evolving state… I know I love making it!

Xx Tania