Collective Candles and Tania Melick’s Collaboration

In 2021, the North Queensland Artist Collaboration began.

Kyla Flanagan from The Content Stylist introduced Danelle to Tania, and the rest is history!

Five beautiful North Queensland destinations were chosen – Townsville, The Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Millaa Millaa Falls and Cairns as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Each destination was painted by Tania in gouache, giving each candle label extra texture, depth, and contrast.

In preparation for the North Queensland launch, Danelle visited each destination, researching the smells that were unique to each location. With each destination featuring predominantly amongst either our beautiful Australian native bush and/or our stunning ocean, it also became important to ensure each location’s scent was clearly unique.

Over the past two years, these candles became a huge success.

Wanting to refresh her product range to complement her growth and consequent move into a new local Studio, Danelle decided to add two much loved and requested destinations to the range – Heart Reef and Magnetic Island. With the addition of these two new destinations, and to embrace Collective Candles new fresh, crisp look, Tania re-created her original artwork using watercolours, adding even more detail than before.

So, in 2023, the North Queensland collaboration has evolved into something even more beautiful. And thanks to all Collective Candles wonderful customer’s requests and feedback, Tania’s beautiful watercolour prints are now available to purchase along with Collective Candles gorgeous soy candles.

Danelle writes:
“Tania is an extremely talented artist, and we are very lucky to have her captivating creations printed on every label. This mesmerising range, exclusive to Collective Candles, transports you in sight and smell, to these stunning North Queensland destinations”.