Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I contact Collective Candles?

You can contact us via phone, email or social media.

Phone: 0410 531 009




Where is Collective Candles located?

We are located at our Townsville Studio. Shop 5, 28 Greg Jabs Drive, Garbutt, Queensland 4814.

Please note, our Studio is closed until Monday, 14th of August. 

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Do you use Fragrance or Essential Oils in your products?

All of our fragrances adhere to national standards for safety and purity. Most contain a high percentage of essential oils but are formulated with fragrance to provide the most perfect ambient throw.

Our Bath Salts are made from 100% essential Oil.

Where do Collective Candles get their supplies to make their products?

We believe in sourcing all of our supplies in Australia. Helping other Australian’s and the Australian economy is important to us.

Is Collective Candles a wholesaler of candle supplies?

Sorry! we do not offer candle making supplies.

We are makers of candles only.

How long has Collective Candles been making candles?

Collective Candles started as a passion project in a one-bedroom flat in Paddington, Brisbane. The rest is history!

What does throw mean?

Throw is a term used to describe how well the scent from a candle circulates throughout a room. We use the maximum fragrance load in all of our products to ensure a fantastic throw.

Why does my Soy Candle go yellow over time?

We don’t use any toxic additives to stop the natural process of the wax going yellow.  Sometimes, when the wax has vanillin added or either exposed to light the wax can naturally turn yellow. This does not affect the use of your candle, the burn or fragrance throw.

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

We no longer do Gift Cards, however, if you would like help on how to pick that perfect gift we are always happy to help.

Do we hold candle workshops?

Unfortunately we don’t offer workshops.


Are our products Australian made?

Yes! All of our products are hand poured in Tropical North Queensland.

Do you donate products or vouchers?

We have allocated set Charities that we donate to each year.

These are usually animal charities that are not for profit.

Unfortunately we do not donate to any cold calls requesting for donations. 

Do you gift products to social media influencers for publicity?

Unfortunately we don’t offer free products in exchange for advertising.