How to Use Your Car Diffuser?

When you get your Car Diffuser be sure to unscrew the wooden lid, take out the plastic stopper, put wooden lid back on, and tip vessel upside down in order to wet the the wooden lid, the most IMPORTANT part is to put the plastic stopper back in. This is to stop any spillages due to heat, but also to control how much fragrance throw you would like. When your scent becomes low repeat the same process.

If you do get any of the fragrance on any surface you must wipe this up immediately to avoid any unnecessary damage to the surface. Do not consume or get on skin. Keep away from children and pets.

Please do not hang this vessel in any part of your vehicle that will cause loss of vision or distraction.

Our Reed Diffuser Refill pouches have the same ingredients in our Car Diffusers, you are welcome to use this to refill your Car Diffuser at the same time.