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Collective Candles North Queensland Destination Range is a beautiful collaboration with Australian Artist, Tania Melick, combining tropically-inspired fragrance blends with stunning scenic artwork.

All money received for the purchase of these stunning prints goes to the beautiful Australian Artist, Tania Melick.

Here’s what Tania had to say:


There is just something about the rainforest and waterfalls that always makes my heart stutter over the sheer beauty they hold.

Hearing the roar of the water before you see the majesty.

Feeling the fine mist of water dampen your skin.

The greens that just seem so much more vivid than you’ve ever seen.

The mist and fog that curls around you while you drive around the Waterfall Circuit, covering everything with an air of wonder and mystery.

As the Tablelands is one of my favourite family holiday destinations, I wanted to try capture all I felt into this one painting. Because, without fail, Millaa Millaa Falls always receives the visit it deserves. How could it not?

And when we can’t get away, I know Danelle’s gorgeous candle with its Australian native bush blend will transport us right back.


Cape Tribulation is one of only two locations from our North Queensland range that I haven’t visited. As an artist, I try to add something of myself into each painting, so without this connection, I turned to Danelle and her obvious passion for the area. What Cape Tribulation meant to her shone through as she showed me photos and described the view in a way that transported me.

Knowing how much thought and care Danelle puts into creating her candles and the North Queensland range, I know that this is a location I will love when I can eventually visit. The sea salt, driftwood and coconut candle is just perfection, allowing all to imagine the water, the beach and the rainforest from your home.


When Danelle first asked me to collaborate on an artist range for her North Queensland candles, the destination I struggled with the most was Townsville. As a born and bred local, I quickly realised that I didn’t take the time to appreciate the beauty around me.

So, I stopped to think about what about our home caught my eye.

I saw the unique colours of Castle Hill.

I swam to the edge of the stinger enclosure, and looked back, marvelling over how calming the palm trees look from the water.

I embraced the weather – from the blistering heat to the electric storms.

I took time to see and feel each of these experiences and poured that into the painting. Meanwhile Danelle – in her uniquely wonderful alchemy – created the perfect pairing of a Pina Colada with a Guava and Lychee twist. A truly perfect collaboration.


You cannot help embracing the tropical lifestyle when growing up in North Queensland. For me, I love to travel, but the destinations that feel like a soothing balm on my soul are those steeped in nostalgia. The places visited through your life – always with memories attached.

Cairns is more than just the reef – of course it is! – but I couldn’t allow North Queensland to be illustrated without touching on the incredible wonder of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a gateway – a crossroads – that leads to wonders from the reef to the rainforest. We are so lucky to experience nature showing off how beautiful, vibrant, and colourful the world truly is.

And while we can never truly replicate nature’s beauty, Danelle’s Sea Salt and Crushed Lime mix is pretty darn close!


What initially drew me to the Heart Reef was, of course, the stunning naturally shaped coral heart. I have not been lucky enough to fly over the reef, but as a local had heard of it often. Painting this piece, though,I discovered more to it than the obvious.

The gorgeous blues, turquoise and sea greens were so beautiful to mix on the page. These colours calmed me with their sea glass beauty, and along with the incredible Lime and Coconut Martini fragrance the Heart Reef candle has been catapulted to complete heart status in my home.
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