Ecofriendly Soy Candle Refill – The Lucent Collection


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At Collective Candles we are committed to creating sustainable candle products that have minimal impact on our environment that is why we create ecofriendly candles.

In our effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, we have created Soy Candle Refills in The Lucent Collection for your existing Collective Candles glassware.

Just clean your old Collective Candles jar out with hot soapy water, dry your glassware then peel off the sticker at the bottom of the wick and place your soy candle refill into your clean jar. Then you ready to light your ecofriendly Soy Candle, and enjoy your favourite Collective Candles Soy Candle.

These refills come wrapped in tissue with no label. These refills are made to fit the Collective Candles Bamboo Collection glassware.

Because these are made to order, please allow 4 days to be made, then your product will be dispatched.

This Soy Candle refill contains approximately 300g of Soy Wax which is slightly more than the filled glass, therefore, you may need to burn your candle refill down in order for your lid to eventually fit.