Millaa Millaa Falls A4 Print

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Collective Candles North Queensland Destination Range is a beautiful collaboration with Australian Artist, Tania Melick, combining tropically-inspired fragrance blends with stunning scenic artwork.

Other destinations available include Townsville, Heart Reef, Cairns, Magnetic Island and Cape Tribulation.

What does Australian Artist Tania Melick say?

There is just something about the rainforest and waterfalls that always makes my heart stutter over the sheer beauty they hold.

Hearing the roar of the water before you see the majesty.
Feeling the fine mist of water dampen your skin.

The greens that just seem so much more vivid than you’ve ever seen.

The mist and fog that curls around you while you drive around the Waterfall Circuit, covering everything with an air of wonder and mystery.

As the Tablelands is one of my favourite family holiday destinations, I wanted to try capture all I felt into this one painting. Because, without fail, Millaa Millaa Falls always receives the visit it deserves. How could it not?

And when we can’t get away, I know Danelle’s gorgeous candle with its Australian native bush blend will transport us right back.