Ecofriendly Reed or Car Diffuser Refill


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Collective Candle Diffuser refills are perfect to refill your diffuser when it becomes empty. These packs come with a 150ml Refill pouch as well as fresh reed sticks. Just open the packet and pour into glassware, or use a pipette for your Car Diffuser.


To refill & refresh your old diffuser, dispose of old reeds. Do not rinse out glassware. Open refill pouch by unscrewing white lid, then place the white lid entirely upside down into old reed glassware and fill glassware. Place in new reeds and you are done!

Please note:

Clean any spills with a cloth immediately to avoid damaging surfaces, keep away from children and pets, do not get liquid on skin or eyes. Our Reed Diffusers are long lasting and add an uplifting fragrance to any space. They last between 3 to 6 months, and we use at least 35% fragrance in our diffusers meaning they emit a consistent throw. Each bottle contains 150mls. The height of the container is approximately 5.5cm wide, 11.5cm tall, the reeds are 25cm tall.

Please follow our care instructions so you get the best out of your diffuser.